Answers to common questions about our services

We are responsible for conducting the title examination of the property, preparing the title insurance Commitment/Binder, ensuring that the deed of conveyance and loan closing documents are properly prepared and executed, that the closing funds are properly received and disbursed pursuant to the HUD-1 Settlement Statement prepared by us and approved by you at or prior to closing, that the transaction is properly closed and the deed and deed of trust (and other mortgage documents) are duly recorded, and that the Owner’s and Lender’s Title Insurance Policies are issued and delivered in proper form.
All amounts due from you at closing, if any, must be in the form of a cashier’s check or via wire transfer. Cashier’s checks should be made payable to “Household Title & Escrow, LLC.” If you plan to bring a cashier’s check, it should be delivered to us no later than the commencement of the settlement. If you plan to pay by wire transfer of funds, you should wire your funds to our escrow account at least one day prior to closing. Please call or email our office for wiring instructions for the appropriate account depending upon the property’s location. Our email address is
We will handle all receipts and disbursements of funds made at closing through our escrow accounts.
Yes, and you have the option of either a location drawing survey or a boundary location survey. If you are unsure of what a survey is, click here to learn more. We do not provide the service directly; rather, we place the order for you. We use licensed and experienced survey companies in the respective counties where the subject property is located.