Immediately upon contracting with your seller:

  •  Make loan application.
  •  Obtain written list of loan conditions including whether you will need a termite report, a well/septic report, community water report or road maintenance agreement.
  •  Provide lender with all conditions required for closing. Do not wait until the week of closing to do this or you may not close on time.

Three weeks prior to closing:

  •  Obtain termite, well/septic or any other report required by the lender. Submit these reports and their bills to your lender and Household Title.
  •  Inspect repairs of the house which your seller agreed to do. Continue to check with the seller on the repairs several times over the three week period. Do not save this item for the last minute.

One week prior to closing:

  •  If you or any other co-borrower cannot attend closing, notify your lender and Household Title so that you can be properly accommodated.
  •  If you are moving from out-of-state, be aware that you will need to make special arrangements for the transfer of funds from the sale of your house to Household Title‚Äôs trust account for your purchase. Contact us with this information.