Utilities and Services

A few days before closing, if you have not done so already, arrange for the utilities to be placed in the buyer’s name. Here are our suggestions for utilities and other services:

  • Washington Gas provides natural gas to Maryland, D.C., and Virginia. Their telephone number is (202) 624-6049, or visit www.washingtongas.com.
  • Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) provides electrical power throughout the metropolitan area, but is predominantly in Maryland and D.C. Their telephone number is (202) 833-7500, or visit www.pepco.org.
  • In Virginia, you can contact Dominion Virginia Power at (888) 667-3000, or visit www.dom.com.
  • Local telephone service can be arranged by contacting your preferred carrier or Verizon, at (301) 954-6260, or visit www.verizon.com. Verizon also offers high speed internet access.
  • Water service in Maryland is provided by the Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission (WSSC). Their phone number is (301) 206-8000, or visit www.wssc.dst.md.us.
  • In the District, you can contact the DC Water and Sewer Authority at (202) 787-2000, or visit www.dcwsa.com.
  • Cable television service in many counties in Maryland is handled by Comcast. Their phone number is (301) 424-4400, or visit www.comcast.com. Comcast also offers high speed internet access.
  • In the District, you can contact District Cablevision at (202) 635-5100.
  • The area’s two major newspapers are the Washington Post and the Washington Times; you can subscribe by calling (202) 334-6100 and (202) 636-3333, respectively. Alternatively, try www.washingtonpost.com or www.washingtontimes.com.